The Human Connection: Building The World Of Tomorrow, Today

I’m fortunate to have been raised and influenced by a fairly high-powered woman in finance – my mom! Because of her, I grew up thinking that if I worked hard enough, I could achieve the same thing. As you may guess, our world is not quite this simple. Upon entering the workforce, I quickly faced

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Defining Your Success: Leading With Authenticity

Whether that’s leading a team of 10 or a team of 300, authentic leaders have a core set of characteristics that I call the HUMANS ingredients to authentic leadership: Humble, Unique, Model, Adaptive, Narrator, and Spark. I sincerely believe that leading authentically has the power to solve two of our largest workplace issues –the lack

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Shifting The Paradigm, For Women By Women

An unexpected challenge I’ve faced as an entrepreneur, is being explaining to male investors on the importance of having women build and launch companies for women. Some of the questions have been absurd but despite the frustration I am committed to improving global fetal and maternal outcomes – especially here in the US because we

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