Empowering Patients through Establishing Avenues of High-Quality Care at Home

Understand your “Why.” If you know your “Why” you can anchor back to it when things, inevitably, become hard or when you may want to quit. My “Why” is our patients. I know I need to be here to be their voice and represent what they need. We are committed to placing patients at the center of what we do, and we want others in healthcare to do the same. 

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Paying It Forward and Leading by Example

Leaders have to understand themselves first. Leaning into my racial identity and understanding my core values have allowed me to know how best I can show up as a leader. I am a strategic leader and for anyone that is looking to me for leadership, I tend focus on helping them develop their strengths and

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Delivering Systemic Change through Innovation for the Global Context

I’ve never considered myself an entrepreneur, but what drew me to SHI is the opportunity to problem-solve with a more systematic lens and approach. The programs we have and entrepreneurs I get to work with are building upon research and implementing solutions that can have a longer-term impact on the way systems function and therefore

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